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Exploring the Mysterious World of Agartha: Is There Proof the Earth is Hollow?

We’ve all heard stories of the mythical world of Agartha, the kingdom said to be located inside the hollow Earth. From ancient myths to modern conspiracy theories, the idea of a hidden civilization living deep beneath the surface of the planet has captured the imagination of many. But is there any truth to these claims? Let take a deep dive and investigate.

The History of Agartha and the Hollow Earth Theory

Agartha is said to be a hidden kingdom located inside the Earth, a place where advanced civilizations dwell in eternal peace and harmony. This mysterious world is said to be connected to the surface of the planet through secret entrances located in the North and South Poles.

The hollow Earth theory is an ancient belief that the planet we live on is actually hollow and contains an inner world populated by advanced civilizations. This theory has been around for centuries, but it has recently gained traction with the rise of conspiracy theorists who believe that the U.S. government is hiding the truth about the inner Earth and the secret civilizations that live there.

The idea of a hollow Earth has been around since ancient times when it was first proposed by the Greek philosopher Anaximander. He believed that the world was composed of four concentric spheres: the outermost sphere, which was the physical world; the second, which was the realm of the gods; the third, which housed the underworld; and the innermost sphere, which was the hollow Earth.

John Dee affirmed that the Earth is not round, but flattened at the poles, that there exists non-Euclidean mathematics, and that the earth is not solid, but consists of super-imposed spheres which can associate with one another. In an audience before Queen Elizabeth of England, he insisted that Greenland should be seized, because it would grant access to a parallel universe, as we would say today. John Dee also knew that in America existed the Secret West - that it was the Continent of the Other Light - a light which is born from the death of the physical and visible sun’s light, perhaps the light of the Black Sun, or perhaps the Green Ray, the herald of the Morning Star.

In the late 17th century, English scientist Edmund Halley (1656-1742) identified a theoretical hole in the Earth, which he believed was a subterranean world filled with monsters. In the course of studying the Halley comet, Halley noticed anomalies in the magnetic field of the Earth, but he could only explain them in light of the assumption that the world was composed of two separate, solid and hollow spheres.

This idea was further developed in the 18th century by John Cleves Symmes Jr., who proposed that the Earth was actually composed of multiple concentric spheres, each with its own atmosphere and inhabitants. He claimed that the inner Earth was accessible through four large holes located at the North and South Poles.

According to Symmes, there was a subterranean world inside our planet illuminated by a tiny sun, and that included mountains, forests, and lakes. Symmes wanted to establish a national campaign to raise the necessary funds to send an expedition to the Arctic to search for an entrance to the inner world. He even submitted a proposal to the United States Congress to get government assistance in locating the entrance but sadly for him, he died before the government allocated funding for his expedition. However in 1838 a 4 year exppedition was lead by Charles Wilkes but susposedly no entrace to the inner earth was found.


Cyrus Teed, an American, believed that it is impossible to determine whether we are inside or outside a sphere, so we could live in a hollow universe. In the middle, the Sun would be positioned, with planets and stars only appearing bright to us because they reflect light that has fallen on the curved surface of the Earth. The land Cyrus named Koresh, after himself, was located in Texas and remained active and defended these ideas until at least 1982. He also posulated the the sky was just an illusion created by a strange mechanism.

Some scholars, such as William Reed and Marshall Gardner, thought they could provide evidence of the presence of an inner world at the beginning of the twentieth century. One of the most peculiar things observed by some Arctic explorers was that air and water temperatures warmed as they approached the North Pole. Moreover, they claimed that mammoths were still living in the interior of the earth.
Some scientists believed that the mammoths might have lived on in the hollow earth near the North Pole, especially given the records of warm temperatures near the pole.

The Nazis were big fans of the hollow earth theory, as was Hitler. They believed the world was dominated by a pure and perfect race of Aryans who lived beyond the hollow earth. The German Thule Society, which was an esoteric organisation of the 1930s, shared this belief, though there is no historical evidence of Agartha and Shambhala being underground kingdoms although there are many myths which we will explore.

The hollow Earth theory has been popularized in modern times by authors such as Raymond Bernard and Richard Shaver, who wrote about the lost world of Agartha and its inhabitants. They claimed that this mysterious kingdom was located inside the Earth and was accessible through secret tunnels and passages located in certain areas around the world. 

Despite the fact that the theory of Symmes remained embedded in the thoughts of a handful of writers including  Edgar Allan Poe , Jules Verne , and HP Lovecraft, among others, honoured the intriguing idea of the Hollow Earth with many fictional books that captivated the attention of their readers.

Hollow earth myths

In Craig Campobasso’s book, The Extraterrestrial Species Almac he states:


“Agarthans are interior Earth inhabitants. They are a highly advanced society comprised of ancient Lemurians and Atlantians that went underground forewarned of the destruction of their surface civilizations. They chose to isolate and evolve in tranuility and peace. The Agarthan Network is a unified governing council made up of ancient elders and councils. Agartha’s capital city is Telos, located beneath Mount Shasta in Northern California. Another major city in its culture is Catharia. The Agarthans are indistinguishable from Earth humans except for one point: they are much taller, with some reaching fifteen feet or more.”

Central Asian Buddhists believe in the wonderful land under our feet known as Agartha (or Agarttha). They say that Agartha is a place where beings are more beautiful and much wiser than we are and which has a king that can read the human soul.

Tibetans believe that for thousands of years, besides teaching about an inner world, they have been in touch with the “King of the Inner World” or the supreme ruler for the entire planet, for whom the Dalai Lama is a spokesperson for the outside world. They believe that tunnels connect Tibet with the inner world (which they guard) as well as other subterranean cities around the world. According to their accounts, for example, there are numerous tunnels connected to “El Dorado”, an ancient lost city in the Amazon Basin, which joins the rest of the ancient world.

Shambhala is the inner world’s capital and, consequently, the world’s entire city, where the king of the world, who lives there, instructs some of humanity in science, art, religion, and thought.

The ancient Tibetan myths say pyramids in Central and South America are connected by an extensive network of underground tunnels  to the sacred Agartha kingdom.According to the author of Tibetan Symbols and their Meanings, Alexandra David-Neel, the Shambhala Tibetan headquarters may be located in the vicinity of Balkh, a former Afghan settlement known as the mother of cities. According to the folk traditions of Afghanistan, after the Muslim invasion, Balkh was known as Candle High, which is a transformation from Sanskrit to Persian Shambhala.

Admiral Byrd’s Supposed Discovery of a Hollow Earth

One of the most famous proponents of the hollow Earth theory was American naval officer Richard E. Byrd. In 1926, Byrd claimed to have discovered a hidden world located beyond the North Pole, which he called the “land beyond the poles”. He described a vast, lush, and beautiful land inhabited by an advanced civilization.

Although his claims have never been verified, many believe that Byrd actually discovered the inner world of Agartha. Some even believe that Byrd was taken to the inner Earth by the inhabitants of Agartha and given a tour of their advanced civilization.

The Inner Earth Civilization and Antarctica Conspiracy

The inhabitants of Agartha are said to be an advanced civilization that has been living in the inner Earth for centuries. They are believed to possess superior technology and knowledge, having been sheltered from the ravages of war and other disasters that have plagued the surface world.

The inner Earth is also said to be connected to Antarctica, which is the home of a secret U.S. government base. According to conspiracy theorists, this base is being used to hide evidence of the hollow Earth and the inner Earth civilization. They also believe that the U.S. government is using Antarctica as a staging ground for a secret space program, which is being used to explore the inner Earth and its inhabitants.

Evidence for the Hollow Earth Theory

Despite the lack of scientific evidence for the hollow Earth theory, there are some who believe that there is proof that the planet is indeed hollow.One of the most compelling pieces of evidence is the discovery of certain “mystery spots”, which are areas around the world where the Earth’s gravity suddenly drops off. These spots are believed to be entrances to the inner Earth, and some believe that they were created by the inhabitants of Agartha as a way to access the surface world.

Some of these “mystery spots” include:

Mount shasta

Other pieces of evidence include strange stories recounted by sailors such as Olaf Janson who ventured near the North and South Poles, as well as reports of strange creatures and phenomena that have been seen in these regions. Some believe that these tales are evidence of a secret world located beneath the surface of the planet.

Agartha and the Mysterious Inner Earth

The inner Earth is said to be a lush, paradise-like world where advanced civilizations live in harmony and peace. The inhabitants of Agartha are said to be spiritually advanced people who are in tune with the natural world and the mysteries of the universe. They are believed to possess advanced technology, which they use to protect the inner Earth from the dangers of the surface world.

It is also said that the inner Earth is home to a race of “superhumans”, who possess supernatural powers such as telepathy and the ability to heal. Some believe that these superhumans are the descendants of a lost race of aliens who came to our planet thousands of years ago.

Popular hollow earth theories

Over the years, many different theories have been proposed to explain the mysterious world of Agartha and the hollow Earth theory. One popular theory is that the inner Earth is home to an advanced alien race, which is using our planet as a base of operations.

Another theory is that the inner Earth is actually a prison for an ancient race of evil beings, who were banished by the gods and now reside in the inner Earth.

Other theories suggest that the inner Earth is home to an ancient civilization, which is responsible for the mysterious structures found in various parts of the world. Still, others believe that the inner Earth is a utopia, where advanced civilizations have developed a perfect society free from the evils of the surface world.

Is There Proof the Earth is Hollow?

While there is no scientific evidence to support the idea that the Earth is hollow, many believe that there is enough circumstantial evidence to suggest that there is something to the hollow Earth theory. For example, many believe that the mysterious “mystery spots” around the world are actually entrances to the inner Earth and that the strange stories recounted by sailors near the poles could be evidence of a hidden world. Others point to the tales of advanced civilizations living in the inner Earth as proof that there is something to the hollow Earth theory. Ultimately, the answer to the question of whether or not the Earth is hollow remains a mystery. But that doesn’t mean that we should stop exploring the possibility.

Exploring the Antarctica Conspiracy Theories

The Antarctica conspiracy theories are some of the most popular and far-reaching theories about the hollow Earth. These theories suggest that the U.S. government is using Antarctica as a staging ground for a secret space program, which is being used to explore the inner Earth and its inhabitants.

The theories also suggest that the U.S. government is using Antarctica to hide evidence of the inner Earth and its advanced civilizations. This includes evidence of UFOs and other advanced technologies that could be used to further explore the mysteries of the inner Earth.


The mysterious world of Agartha and the hollow Earth theory has captivated the imaginations of many for centuries. While there is no hard scientific evidence to support the theory, there is enough circumstantial evidence to suggest that there is something to the idea of a hidden world located beneath the surface of the planet. Whether or not the Earth is actually hollow remains to be seen, but the stories of Agartha and the inner Earth have captivated us for centuries and will continue to do so for many years to come.




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